World Animal Day

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We applied to be a member of World Animal Day and We were Accepted. (See Below).

We carried out two events this 2016  in two locations in order to connect children with wildlife:

1. We took children from Mother Theresa’s orphanage homes in Abuja, Nigeria, to experience nature and Wildlife while giving them a refreshing time by taking them to Abuja Children’s Zoo and Park. We believe the Children are the future of tomorrow and we will on this special occasion on showing care and welfare to animals bring care and affection to children. (Scroll to see pictures of the event)

2. We also encouraged the general public, (families) to Visit the Lufasi Park in Lekki Lagos, who provides a home, food and care to rescued animals to draw attention to the need for people to leave wildlife alone in the wild and not take and trade in them.

We were quite Honoured and we hope we would repeat this feat next year 2017 and following but for us in Wildlife Africa, “Everyday is World Animal Day.”

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