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  • We are in Partnership with a South African based Company – Latest Sighting that have used technology to create awareness about wildlife and the amazing Kruger Park! Latest Sightings is a now a community of a half a million wildlife enthusiasts from all around the world that help maximize one’s Wildlife experience through sharing wildlife sightings in real-time and we wish to bring this experience to Nigeria tourists from different Tourist Sites and Conservation Centres in Nigeria
  • This we are doing through four(4) strategies:-
    1. We Urge you to Download the Latest Sightings App on Apple Store, Google Play Store or Windows Store where you can upload your Wildlife Sightings to the app.
    2. We urge hotels, lodges, relaxation areas in ans around Wildlife Conservation and Tourists Centres to sign up to A Sightings Board, which is a live stream of your guests’ and guides’ wildlife sightings from the Latest Sighting Mobile application on to your TV in your hotels, lodges, relaxation areas and your website.
    3.  We are going to put all Wildlife Conservation Centres in Nigeria on that Application in addition to those ones you will see from South Africa. Some of these are
      • Jos Wildlife Park and Museum
      • Old Oyo National Park
      • Yankari Game Reserve
      • Cross Rivers National Park
      • Afi Mountains
      • Okomu National Park
      • Gashaka Gumti National Park
      • Kanji Lake National Park
      • Obudu Cattle Ranch
      • Abuja (Children’s Zoo & Park and/or National Parks services Headquarters and Environs)
      • Lagos (Lekki to Badagry beaches and Environs) and
      • Wildlife Around you, wherever you are.
    4. Assist all interested person to install the app and provide real time online support on how the Latest Sightings application works..

Please kindly contact us, telling us your needs with respect to this app and To Learn More, please read – Wildlife Africa – Latest Sighting Letter

To order For the Sighting board to be installed in your hotel, lodge of reservation area, please fill these form below.

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