Longji Bako

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Holds a BSc in zoology from the University of Jos, a HND in crop production technology, ND in Agricultural technology from the Federal College of Forestry, Jos and MSc Conservation Biology from APLORI (AP Leventis ornithological Research institute, Jos).His Msc research thesis was on: the Determinants of insect pollinator abundance and diversity on vegetable farms around Jos north and east of Plateau state, Nigeria. He has been involved in other mini projects, such as territory mapping of bird species, anti predatory behaviour of bird flocks, bird species mckinnon’s list, bird species abundance and diversity on 3 different forest patches in Obudu (protected, unprotected and human inhabited forest patches). He is the public relations officer of the Jos Bird club, a graduate of APLORI and have done some few voluntary data collections for the Nigerian bird atlas project (NiBAB). Recently joined Team Wildlife Africa.
Email: bakolongji@gmail.com
Phone: +234 703 641 3001