Team Wildlife Africa (The CREW)

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1.Felix Abayomi

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Founder, Wildlife Africa. Zoologist, Wildlife Management & Conservation of Species Professional. USAID – WABiCC Trained CITES Expert. Member, Society for Conservation Biology. Alumni, of Olabisi Onabanjo University, Ago-Iwoye, Ogun State, Nigeria and Universidad De Internacional, Andalusia, Baeza, Spain, where he holds a Diploma and has a Master’s in view in Wildlife Management and Conservation of Species in Trade. Works as a Senior Scientific Officer with the Wildlife and CITES Management division of the Forestry Department, Federal Ministry of Environment. He is exposed to endangered species, conservation and the illegal trade in wildlife. Felix has been involved in wildlife education, more specifically working with Birgit Braun of Aktionsgemeinschaft Artenschutz (AGA) e.V., Germany to bring Sea Turtle Exhibition Conservation Education Programme to Nigeria and Anna Stamatiou of MEDASSET-Mediterranean Association to Save the Sea Turtles; Wildlife Rescue operations Training at Lufasi Nature Park, a privately owned Nature Conservancy in Lekki, Nigeria and has recently been appointed to conduct a mammalian inventory at the Ngel Nyaki Forest Reserve by the Nigerian Montane Forest Project. Felix has also presented a Pangolin Survey Research Proposal to the IUCN Specialist group where he hopes to become one of the listed researchers working on the species in west Africa. Felix is also currently in talks with Laurie Marker of Cheetah Conservation Foundation in Namibia on Cheetah reintroduction into Nigeria. He has participated in Global March for Elephants and Rhinos and a member of the World Animal Day. He is currently in a working partnership with Lufasi Nature Park, and Kerri Wolter of VulPro, a leading Vulture conservationist and NGO based in South Africa for a model Vulture Conservation and Population Recruitment project at Lufasi Nature Park. He is also currently in Working Relationship with Jennifer Uchendu of Susty Vibes.

Official: (All official correspondence to all or any team member)
Official: +2348125846698
Personal: +2348034715121




2.Ololade Akintayo David

A zoologist from olabisi onabanjo university Nigeria. Health safety and environment personnel and an ICT consultant in hardware and software installation. A member of wildlife Africa. He designed the first Logo of the non-profit, works as Research officer in the Research Department of Wildlife Africa, where he has worked assisting the founder primarily in the early stages of the initiative, worked on produced species based education content for our online education program and represented us at Functions of other Environmental based NGOs.
Phone: +2348038338418

3.Lydia Ajiji Nyam

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A scientific officer at Fed. Min. Of Agriculture & Rural Development Abuja under the Federal Department of Veterinary and Pest Control Services. A graduate of Zoology and Conservation Biology and did her masters thesis on parasite intensity in four ungulate species in Kainji Lake National Park. Seminar projects in Yankari Game Reserve and Amurum Forest Reserve in Jos. She also assisted a senior research colleague in Ngel Nyaki in 2014, working on the effect of ants in forest regeneration. Member Wildlife Africa. She is currently Wildlife Africa Lead Researcher in the Mammalian Inventory we are conducting at Ngel Nyaki Forest Reserve.
Phone: +2347032887517

4.Oluwaseun Adewumi

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A graduate of Microbiology from Lagos State University with certification in Project Management Professional and Health Safety and Environmental Management. A Nature and Wildlife Photographer, a graphic designer and a Team member of Wildlife Africa. He is the official Photographer of Wildlife Africa, where he has covered a range of Events such as the Wildlife Rescue Training program at Lufasi Park and the various Sea Turtle Exhibition that is currently ongoing at the launch and in various schools.
Phone: +2348023938327

5.Sandra Nuhu

An ND holder from the Federal Polytechnic Nasarawa, Nasarawa State. Worked with the founder, Wildlife Africa in the early stages when we were starting out and conceptualizing Wildlife Africa. Also helped to plan and participated in the Global March for Elephants and Rhinos and World Animal Day, 2016. Currently works as an Administrative officer and assistant to the the Founder at the Wildlife Africa Alert, Information and Data Centre in Abuja, Nigeria.
Phone: +2348101870747

6.Olawole Abdulmuizz Olayinka

Studied political science at University of Ilorin; a graphic artist, and member, wildlife Africa. He is the official Graphic Artist of Wildlife Africa, where he has designed numerous promotional graphics that we use on our social media for all of our programs. Credit goes to him for the design of Wildlife Africa Current Logo.
Phone: +2348062377321

7.Faremi Bukola

Holds a B Sc Economics Education from Lagos state University, member, wildlife Africa team. Worked with the founder, Wildlife Africa in the early stages when we were starting out and conceptualizing Wildlife Africa. Works as Education officer in the Education Department of Wildlife Africa, where she has worked on designing the assessment questions for species based education content of our online education program.
Phone: +2348028366354

8.Itah Joy Jumbo

Works with the founder, Wildlife Africa in the early stages and still does as Director of Strategy and Events of Wildlife Africa. She actively coordinated the various state coordinators during the Global March for Elephant and Rhinos.
Phone: +2348131310347

9.Ms. Alexandrial Allen

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M.Sc in Environmental Management and Sustainable Development from Manchester Metropolitan University, NEBOSH Certification in Health, Safety and Environmental Management, BSC Chemical Engineering, an environmental advocate, run an NGO Foundation Starters teaching young ones about the environment and climate change, and a wildlife team member working for the protection of our biodiversity and the wildlife. She works as a Resource person in the Sea Turtle Exhibition program of Wildlife Africa. She is currently  heading the Program Development Department of Wildlife Africa.
Email: ,
Phone: +2348068124824



10.Ismail Hassan

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A graduate of BSc in Environmental Science from the Islamic University In Uganda. A Birder, Environmental Blogger, Poet and Advocate. A Team Member of Wildlife Africa, based in Uganda. He has supported Wildlife Africa in all our online programs and advocacy especially the “Wildlife Thursdays – ‘Lets Talk Wildlife’ discussions” online. Through him, we hope to set up the Country office of Wildlife Africa in Uganda. He is currently conducting a Birding Exercise in Mbale to be accompanied with a Hike at the Wanale Ridge, both in Uganda. We are currently looking for sponsorship for this project.
Phone: +256 702 020547

11.Boitshoko Jeremia

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A multiple award winning film maker, and a photographer. A Team Member of Wildlife Africa, Based in Botswana. Through him, we hope to set up the Country office of Wildlife Africa in Botswana. He has giving Wildlife Africa Right to screen two of his movie productions – “The Coveted Haven” and the “The Predator’s Paradise”. He is currently on another filming tour and we are currently looking for sponsorship for Wildlife Africa Signature Project – “Wildlife Africa 365” based on Wildlife Sightings of the Chobe National Park, Republic of Botswana.
Phone: +267 74 450 060

12.Oluwaseun Afolayan

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A Research scientist and works with the Forestry research Institute of Nigeria (Wildlife department). Currently undergoing a Master’s degree program on Wildlife and Ecotourism management in the University of Ibadan. Attended a number of conferences on forestry. Birder and Worked on a number of poverty alleviation projects in Forest Reserves. Recently joined Team Wildlife Africa.
Phone: +2347038265652

13.Oduola Toheeb

A graduate of Olabisi Onabanjo University and studied applied zoology. Just completed his National Youth Service Scheme and worked with Ogun state Ministry of Agriculture for his industrial training. Recently joined Team Wildlife Africa.
Phone: +23408105710007 and +2348114113090

14.Longji Bako

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Holds a BSc in zoology from the University of Jos, a HND in crop production technology, ND in Agricultural technology from the Federal College of Forestry, Jos and MSc Conservation Biology from APLORI (AP Leventis ornithological Research institute, Jos).His Msc research thesis was on: the Determinants of insect pollinator abundance and diversity on vegetable farms around Jos north and east of Plateau state, Nigeria. He has been involved in other mini projects, such as territory mapping of bird species, anti predatory behaviour of bird flocks, bird species mckinnon’s list, bird species abundance and diversity on 3 different forest patches in Obudu (protected, unprotected and human inhabited forest patches). He is the public relations officer of the Jos Bird club, a graduate of APLORI and have done some few voluntary data collections for the Nigerian bird atlas project (NiBAB). Recently joined Team Wildlife Africa.
Phone: +234 703 641 3001

15. Nasiru Ahmad Alkanchi

Biochemist and environmental scientist, founder of the Caliphate Youth Initiative and Environmental Movement Initiative. Member of the Nature Uganda, Wildlife Africa Crew and Yali Network. Alumni of Usmanu Danfodio university Sokoto Nigeria and Islamic university in Uganda, where he holds BSc Biochemistry and Masters degree in Environmental science respectively. He also holds a post-graduate diploma in education from the Islamic university in Uganda. Currently working with Sokoto state universal basic education board as educational officer 1. He has participated in Global March For Elephants and Rhinos.


Phone: +234(0)7035619831

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16. Aliyu Abubakar Shehu 
Qualification and Bio data : Bsc Environmental Science from Islamic University In Uganda ,Researcher,Environmental Activist,International Youth Advocate and writer.
State of Origin: Sokoto state ,Nigeria.
Email Address :
Phone Number :+2348166307002

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