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The aim of the Sea turtle Exhibition Conservation Education is to create and promote appreciation and knowledge of Sea Turtles particularly to young people, providing them with educational experiences that will inspire a love for them while fostering sound environmental practices and resource management.

We believe that the Children are the future of tomorrow and they can be agents of change in the broader communities. We also hope to elucidate a behaviour that will take all positive actions to protect and conserve the species having gotten a special education about them. They will not only act to protect but they will teach others to avoid any act capable of endangering the lives of sea turtles.

In the communities, We expect to see an immediate behavioural change towards the sea turtles, reduction of reports of captures and kills especially during the Breeding seasons and from by-catch operations from fishermen. We expect people to become aware not to trade in, kill, eat or harm and in any way interfere with sea turtles of Nigeria or their eggs.

Fill the Form Below if You want us to come to Exhibit the Sea Turtle ‘Ariyike’ at your school or facility.