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WildlifeAID Centre

I have been working for some time now with some close friends of mine via Wildlife Africa Initiative mission and objectives and aimed at motivating positive behavioral change towards wildlife that will lead to conservation and a greater appreciation of our Wildlife resources. I need your help moving forward.

To do this Work effectively, I have realized that I need to make our Wildlife Alert, Information, and Data Centre (WildlifeAID Centre) go operational. This will enable us to have administrative, structural and Legal structures. we need an office, project vehicle(s) and guarantee salaries for 5 key staffs that will keep the Nonprofit working for at least a year. We also need a seed funding to carry on existing sea turtle exhibition to schools, extend it to coastal communities and design new programs that will be self-funding and sustainable.The Sea Turtles Exhibition education is our flagship initiative which gained traction and momentum because of the support I got from AGA, we are using Sea Turtles as our Flagship Conservation action initiative being a Charismatic and Keystone species but I am working on a system to encourage wildlife professionals and enthusiasts work on other species in terms of either species based or ecosystem-based conservation approaches. Already I have 20 youths across Africa who have filled Wildlife Africa Volunteering Form to work with me and much more will sign up we get these ones on the field for Wildlife.

Highlighted below are some of the initiatives I am also working on and a large part of that is focused on engaging and educating young people about Wildlife and Conservation Efforts:

1. Advocacy for Elephants, Rhinos, and Lions by Joining the Global March for Elephants and Rhino Movement and organized 1st march in Nigeria and will be organizing another one this year;

2. Advocacy with the World Animal Day; Organized two events last year by taking kids from an orphanage to a Children’s Park and zoo and encourage people to visit a privately-owned park;

3. Vulture Conservation with a promised support of Vulpro, a leading Vulture Conservation organization in South Africa,

4. Wildlife Rescue training, to private rescue centers in Nigeria, Rescue, Rehabilitation and Release of Sea Turtles (Ongoing) and we are trying to rescue 5 Lions and one lonely Elephant from a government owned institution in Nigeria.

5. Wildlife Sightings initiatives from our various Conservation Centres in Nigeria. We have signed an agreement with a South African based Mobile App, Latest Sightings to list 8 Nigerian Conservation centers.

6. Conservation excursions to various conservation centers;

7. Private land Conservation for Sanctuaries, sustainable utilization, and tourism;

8. We have Research works in the offing – Pangolins survey, mammalian inventory, Freshwater Turtles Survey, Sea turtles nesting survey and monitoring;

9. Capacity building, attending symposiums, Conferences, networking and learning about various conservation works and models in other parts of the world; and

10. Advocacy by joining the March for Science Movement.

Click on this link to read my entire Conservation Story, though the story continues –

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