Sustainable Partnership With GMFER

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About this time last year, we began a collaboration journey with the Global March for Elephants and Rhinos (GMFER). We contacted them to have Nigeria participate in the ‘March’ in 2016 and GMFER was happy to have us. We did organise the March in 10 cities across Nigeria.  Click here to view the report of those Marches.

GMFER is still very much happy to have us and Together we WILL make a difference! We are about now Preparing for the Global March in 2017, tagged – MARCH for ☀ JUSTICE ☀ JUSTICE FOR EARTH ☀JUSTICE FOR ALL ☀ for elephants, rhinos, lions, non-humans and humans. We hope to be involved in the planning on a much more Global Scale.

Our collaboration journey with GMFER, have since grown and solidified. We are  happy to announce that GMFER have now accepted to be one of our Organisational official sponsors, made their donation and launched a fundraising campaign for us on their Facebook page  (Click to View)
Special appreciation goes to the President, Rosemary Alles, for her mentorship of our Founder, Felix Abayomi in the course of Advocacy for Wildlife Social Justice for both Humans and Animals alike and in support of his work but in official and personal capacity. We use her as a point of Contact to the Board and members of the GMFER Family. We say a Big THANK YOU, to each and every one of you.