Adopt A Local Volunteer as a Sea Turtle Guardian in Nigeria

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“Adopt A Local Volunteer as a Sea Turtle Guardian in Nigeria”.
We are working through Wildlife of Africa Conservation Initiative to achieve a behavioral change in Members of the Coastal Communities where we work from being #SeaTurtles meat, egg and shell #Hunters to their #Conservationist. One of the ways we are working is to give some of them we have identified opportunities to become sea turtle guardians by training and empowering them in alternative sustainable economic livelihoods. They would rather not jeopardize the future of Sea Turtles in Nigeria but for the poverty and livelihood needs. All they need is a little-sustained help for a while to wean them. This model has worked from what we have learned from our own experiences as we currently have 10 local volunteers working with us on the field.

How to do that is easy. You can adopt on with a monthly donation of #20,000 ($60) to
ZENITH BANK – 1015506055 – NGR ONLY

OR, If you prefer direct bank deposit to our USD, GBP or EUR account, please contact us for transfer details and instructions.

Be rest assured, every kobo/cent is going to the #SeaTurtles Guardians Cause. Together, we can achieve a situation where Sea Turtles can begin to come freely, nest and go back safely. A situation our children and there children’s children will watch sea turtle hatchlings race to see, through one volunteer at a time.

To learn more about this, please contact us directly here or email



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