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There is a popular maxim that says, ‘catch them young’ and ‘the best time for everything is now’. In view of this, and in keeping true to its mandate of nurturing and inspiring children to take positive actions on behalf of Wildlife, – Plants and Animals, #TeamWildlifeAfrica held an Exhibition for kids of student city high school Ilese, Ijebu Ode on the 20th of October 2017.

The exhibition started at about 8 pm with over 30 children of the hostel and their guardians present. They were shown an Educational Exhibition on the Endangered Sea Turtles, on a multi-media projector as well as short Video Clips on Sea Turtles, Elephants, and Pangolins Conservation.

#TeamWildlifeAfrica took time out to educate these Children on the role of wildlife to man and why preserving and conserving them should be of paramount importance. The students were admonished never to dispose of garbage’s like plastics, bottles, soda cans, plastics, nylon bags and such-like items in the oceans or any body of water as these threaten not only Sea Turtles and other marine animals but also, we humans.

They were also enlightened on the poaching crisis plaguing the Africa continent thereby putting a threat to the existence of our Elephants and Rhinos and reasons were enumerated to them on why this must stop.

The visibly excited kids asked a range of questions bordering on wildlife at the end of the exhibition and these were duly answered by #TeamWildlifeAfrica. The students were presented with a ‘Colouring Book’ which is the story of a sea Turtle named ‘Lucky’. The exhibition ended with photoshoots with the students and their teachers saying a big Thank you, to AGA, Our Sponsors.


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