Wildlife Africa – Job Opportunity

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 Title:                          Project Director

Annual Salary:  salary based on national minimum wage salary structure with incentives on communication and data usage   (NB. When working out of the base, all reasonable expenses will be covered by the company but additional payments will not be made, as working out of the base is considered an integral part of the job).

Hours of work: 9 am to 4 pm Monday to Friday, 10 am to 2 pm on Saturdays as core hours.  Occasionally, additional hours, overseas travel, and weekend working may be required, depending on the needs of the charity

 Location:       Lagos

 Reporting to:  Board of Trustees

 Job description 

  1. To provide support and advice to the Board on all matters concerning the running of WLA
  2. To ensure that all Board decisions are carried out promptly and effectively
  3. To have overall responsibility for leading and managing WLA
  4. To produce regular strategic plans and policy updates
  5. To monitor and evaluate the strategic plans and projects
  6. To oversee design, marketing, promotion, delivery and quality of programmes, services and products
  7. To recommend annual budget for Board approval and effectively manage the organisation’s’ finances to promote the aims of the charity
  8. To prepare regular reports for the Board on the financial and operational position of the charity
  9. To manage effectively and develop the human resources of the organisation according to the authorised personnel policies and procedures
  10. To promote equality of opportunity within the organisation and with partners
  11. To assure the organisation and its mission, programmes, products and services are consistently presented in a strong positive image to relevant stakeholders
  12. To oversee fundraising planning and implementation
  13. Any other duties as required to run the charity
  14. To seek out and develop collaborations and new partnerships with public and private bodies to the benefit of the organisation’s funding and projects.
  15. To ensure that all country offices at all times operate in compliance with the legislation and corporate/accounting obligations of each jurisdiction.

Person specification


  1. Experience of leading and managing and organisation (Essential)
  2. Able to speak and write fluent English (Essential)
  3. Able to speak and write fluent French and/or Spanish (Advantage)
  4. Experience of managing budgets (Essential)
  5. Experience of advising a Board of Trustees (Desirable)
  6. Experience of fundraising  (Desirable)
  7. Experience of animal welfare (Desirable)

Skills and Competencies:

  1. Able to communicate clearly to a diverse range of people and organisations
  2. Ability to manage a team and be part of a team
  3. Ability to work well with a Board of Trustees
  4. Able to research projects
  5. High standard of computer literacy
  6. Ability to demonstrate initiative and work well under pressure


  1. BSc in Wildlife related discipline, MSc is an additional advantage.
  2. Personal statement on your understanding of wildlife Africa initiative philosophy and why you think you are the best at the job, with 5 years strategic plan on wildlife Africa from the web information on our site using presentation slide
  3. Deep love for nature and its environment
  4. Age range: must be 27-39yrs before the end of 2017
  5. Valid driver’s licence and international passport,

Qualified candidate should send their CV and presentation slide to itahjoy@wildlifeafrica.org before the end of 30th of May 2017 before 12 noon. Only successful candidate will be contacted for an interview.

Visit: www.wildlifeafrica.org for more information.

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