GMFER #WildlifeFriendly Charity Tennis, Movies, Art and Exhibition Event (October 4 -7, 2017)

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Join us to March for Justice for Animals and Humans. This year we would be holding a Community Engagement program tagged – “Securing A Future for Elephants and Rhinos in Africa – Living in Harmony with Elephants and Rhino“. Last Year we joined the Global Community to March for Elephants and Rhinos. Click to See Details here.

This is a Wildlife of Africa Conservation Initiative event to Mark the 2017 Global March for Elephants and Rhino and World Animal Day, towards Securing A Future for Elephants in Africa and inspiring Elephant Friendly Communities by developing practical Community-based strategies and disseminating knowledge about ‘Living in Harmony with Elephants, Rhinos and other Endangered Animals’ in some Nigerian Communities that lived or still lives with Elephants with the hope of Conserving the remaining Elephant Population in Nigeria and bring about a ReWilding project of Elephants back to their historical ranges. We are starting with Ijebu Community.

Surveys in Nigeria in 2007 and 2008 reported the presence of elephants in Okomu National Park, Omo, Ifon Forest and possibly the Shasha Forest Reserve. All these populations are severely threatened by habitat loss and fragmentation, especially cocoa plantations. (Ikemeh, R.A. (2008). ‘Preliminary data on forest elephants (Loxodonta africana cyclotis) in southwestern Nigeria’. Pachyderm 45: 117-123. and Ikemeh, R.A. (2009). Status of the Idanre Forest Reserve in Ondo State, Nigeria: A February 2009 Survey. Unpublished report. Leventis Foundation Nigeria.) Other threats to Elephants include Cattle Herding, illegal logging, wildlife trade, land encroachment, forest fires and Agriculture leading to human-elephant conflicts.

In Yankari Game Reserve, Bauchi State, Elephant sightings were recorded in the north-western part of the reserve and inside the Wikki camp and there were reports of elephants raiding cassava farms around Mainamaji, Kuka, Shira, Kungibar, and Duguri communities. We have evidence that Elephants used to roam wild and free as far as Karu in Nasarawa state, near the current Federal Capital Territory, Abuja, Nigeria.

This picture was taken by grand children of the farmer who led these Elephants to the palace of the Estu Karu of Karu, Nasarawa state in the 80s. Also, there are undocumented sightings and reports of people who have lived and living with Elephants in Other Nothern cities of Nigeria such as Kaduna and Kano.
We in the Wildlife of Africa Conservation Initiative, therefore, wishes to make a case for securing the future of Africa’s elephants by involving local people in expressing their views and generating ideas in a participative approach to Living in Harmony with Elephants. We would engage with people of all ages through schools, local community forums, and resident or interest groups. We hope this will generate interest and raise awareness of the importance of Elephants to our Communities.

We would encourage the participation of these groups to generate Elephant Friendly ideas though either, some or all the following activities:
1. Photography;
2. Open Mic;
3. Songs, poems or artworks;
4. Drama or short plays;
5. Video clips, visual aids, posters and
6. Indoor and outdoor activities. (Specifically Lawn Tennis).
Dates: October 4, World Animal Day – October 7 Global March for Elephants and Rhinos, 2017
Venue: WildlifeAID Centre, Ijebu
Arrival and Registration: 3.00pm, October 4th.
Time of Departure: 3.00pm, October 7th.

Call the Hotline at +234 817 WILD AID or  Email: for Sponsorship Considerations and further details or simply fill the contact form below.

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