Wildlife Africa’s Diary: #Ariyike_US_Tour; The Beginning

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We begin #AriyikeTours Using #Tourism to Tell #WildlifeAfrica Stories across the Globe, Build #WildlifeFriendly Humanity and Enhance Cultural Interactions.  ‘‘ is from the culture of meaning “See me and Care for me”.  We are starting by embarking on a road trip visiting the entire Conservation Centres across the United States of America – Wildlife Parks, National Forests, Zoological Gardens, Botanical Gardens, Aquariums, Wildlife Refuge and Sanctuaries.

You are welcome to the series “Wildlife Africa’s Diary”, Stay Connected as we bring you tides from the peat bogs and forest storing carbon game reserves,  the rivers which brings water to our home and it’s habitats, the green places in town and cities that give people a chance to fall in love with nature,  we believe that our lives are more beautiful if there is a bit of wildlife experience. So wildlife Africa brings to a glossy of wildlife experience across America on #AriyikeTour through the Eyes of our Founder, Felix Abayomi

Wildlife Africa’s First Stop is the 9/11 memorial. We honour the memory of the dead and saw first hand the strength of Human and Wildlife  Resilence and Hope. Special mention must be made of the content of the memorial waterfall, 9/11 museums, trees from the field of  Pennsylvania and a tree that was regrown from the root deep in the ground of a tree that was in the World Trade Centre.

Video – 9/11 Memorial Waterfall (Must Watch – Click to Watch)

Wildlife Africa was then greeted with the beautiful Scenery of New York. From the Statue of George Washington at Federal Hall on Wall Street to the famous New York network 0f Subway to lower Manhattan the birthplace of New York through Wall Street and the financial districts passing through World Trade Centre,  Greenwich village,  China town,  little  Italy,  Chelsea market and the highlight park which was a rave of beauty.


Video – Squirrel at the Washington Square Park (Click to Watch)


Are you a Zoologist/Wildlife Enthusiast, looking for ways to express yourself in Conservation. Click the Link above.


New York Aquarium


Wildlife Africa, rely on Donations and goodwill of people as we move along in this travels. If you will like to SUPPORT OUR WORK, kindly click on the link on how you can help and participate. Thank you.

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