Nigerian Species Conservation – Culled from the Newsletter of Aktionsgemeinschaft Artenschutz (AGA) e.V.

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Nigerian conservationists are launching a marine turtle protection project with the aid of the AGA. (Page 4 and see our Translation Below)


Sea turtle protection is not yet widely used in Nigeria. The Nigerian biologist Olusola Felix Abayomi also had to find this. The fact that sea turtles are offered for slaughter in the markets of the city of Lagos and the turtles’ eggs are plundered from the nests, caused him to be horrified. Together with equally committed comrades, he created Wildlife Africa. It is still a young organization, which is now working in Nigeria for the protection of sea turtles.

The AGA supports Wildlife Africa in the development of the protection project. In order to carry out an environmental education program, we have prepared for you a Nigerian version of our Sea Turtle named ‘Ariyike’ exhibition, as well as a children’s coloring book describing the adventures of Sea Turtle named ‘Lucky’.

They started the Sea Turtle Exhibition On 5th November 2015 Nigeria with a kick-off event On the beach of Lagos. Many interested children and adults have attended the first day of action of our colleagues at Wildlife Africa. All were enthusiastic and fascinated by the life of the sea turtles. The children’s coloring book of the AGA has conjured up laughter on many faces and is even more important, it has aroused the interest of the children in these fascinating marine reptiles.

Highly motivated, the team of Wild Life Africa has now begun to organize school visits with the exhibition. Teachers have shown great interest, and many, many children have been enthusiastic about the protection of sea turtles in various schools in the last few weeks.

We are excited about the enthusiasm of our colleagues and admire the Group’s commitment. We would also like to support them professionally and financially in the future. Please help us (Aktionsgemeinschaft Artenschutz (AGA) e.V.) with a donation for the protection of the sea turtles.



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