SustyParty for the Planet

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We attended Jennifer Uchendu‘s Susty Vibes Susty Party, Abuja, Nigeria. A day to talk about Sustainability for and of the Planet. We were represented by Felix Abayomi where we identified with the Sustainable Development Goals especially those of 14 – Life Below Water and 15 – Life on Land.

Take away for us was messages that centered on that “We don’t want to be in a Planet without Wildlife – Plants and Animals” especially those that are at the edge of extinction as taking from the movie screenings – Before the flood and Valuable Waste and the Spoken words of Poetry, remarkable of whom was Sage Hassan who succinctly linked Climate Change to Animal Wildlife Loss.

The situation we are in right now really calls for a meditative reflection to connect to nature – special effect of Poetry. I do wonder, the trees that are now been cut down for exportation, agriculture, road and housing development constructions with reckless abandon, who planted them? What happened to the animal diversity and resources of destroyed forests?- Who will help future one? Why is it that the trees we plant now do not grow even after spending so much material resources and time Planting them? Have you wondered the same things too? We have removed and continually removed the earth’s natural gardeners. The Birds, small and big mammals – Monkeys, the Elephants, Rhinos, Bats and Vultures among others. What we need to understand is most seeds of these primary tree species needs to pass through the guts of the animals to germinate. The seedlings needs protection from the canopies of other trees to grow and thrive leading to forest recruitments. To mitigate the effects of Climate Change, we must First protect and save our animals species, then, the Forests and Oceans, which is their habitat will ipso facto be protected and saved.

This #SustyPartyAbuja was indeed for the Planet. A day to remind us to live sustainably, a day to remember that we have to use the earth’s resources today without compromising the ability of the future generation to meet their own needs; a day to remind ourselves of issues of extinction, biodiversity loss, deforestation, climate change, poaching of animal species  and illegal wildlife trade.

We say thanks to Susty vibes (Whom we have a Working Relationship with) for creating this opportunity. Job Well Done.

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