Sea Turtle Exhibition


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I  began our CREW work  with Sea Turtles Education.

I came across Anna Stamatiou of MEDASSET. I wrote to her with the Title “Turtle Education in Nigeria”. She was kind enough to reply, even more kind to listen to my broader ideas of Wildlife Africa and offered priceless guidance and advice and she was even most kind to share my request on Cturtle list server network.

What was to be a defining moment happened on 11th May, 2016. I got an email in response to my request, Anna posted for me, from Birgit Braun of a small conservation organisation in Germany called AGA. They went onto support Wildlife Africa create the First ever species based wildlife education in Nigeria, which turned out to be Sea Turtles. They supported to have a Nigerian version of a mobile turtle exhibition for educational activities they created which is perfectly suitable and adapted for exhibition to schools, environmental groups and they added a storyfied colouring book to the support. We named our Sea Turtle in the Exhibition ‘Ariyike’, which means ‘See me and Care for me’ in the Yoruba Language of South-West, Nigeria.

The aim of the Project Ariyikes Sea turtle Exhibition Conservation Education is to create and promote appreciation and knowledge of Sea Turtles particularly to young people, providing them with educational experiences that will inspire a love for them while fostering sound environmental practices and resource management.

We believe that the Children are the future of tomorrow and they can be agents of change in the broader communities. We also hope to elucidate a behaviour that will take all positive actions to protect and conserve the species having gotten a special education about them. They will not only act to protect but they will teach others to avoid any act capable of endangering the lives of sea turtles.

In the communities, We expect to see an immediate behavioural change towards the sea turtles, reduction of reports of captures and kills especially during the Breeding seasons and from by-catch operations from fishermen. We expect people to become aware not to trade in, kill, eat or harm and in any way interfere with a sea turtles of Nigeria or their eggs.

The strategy for monitoring is to create a Shoreline guards volunteering system in each community after each exhibition where we would encourage them to conduct a beach patrols and report to our Wildlife Alert and Information Data Centre, which we have already created.

We hope to define and measure success when we begin to see, hear and record stories of coastal communities themselves beginning to protect the sea turtles themselves from poachers and hunters because the biggest threat to Sea Turtle is Humans amongst other threats.

Our Need is logistics to now take this Exhibition from One school to the other. We have between November 5 and November 30, successfully launched the project and taking the Exhibition to 3 schools. While we found enormous enthusiasms among children and teachers, we have identified logistics challenge and decided to pause, and seek for proper funding to run the project.

Contact us, if you would like to sponsor us.




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