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How to join or volunteer with Wildlife Africa? –  It’s very simple and straightforward. Go to the Website and learn everything you can – https://www.wildlifeafrica.org . Feel free to ask me any question but make sure you click on every tab therein and learn all that you can.

I am a Zoologist and I got exposed to Wildlife and Conservation of Species Biology. I have created a platform and opportunity via Wildlife Africa for every willing African and Non-African who is a zoologist, wildlife and conservation professional or enthusiast to be able to show his or her love, care and concern for Wildlife.

Wildlife Africa is a concept developed as “A Special Wildlife Conservation, Research, Education and Rescue Initiative” with a Vision to create “A Growing generation, knowledgeable and motivated to take positive actions on behalf of the ‘Wildlife’– Plants and animals that share our land and sea with us and the environment”.

The Objective is to promote appreciation and knowledge of African Fauna and Flora particularly to young people, providing them with educational experiences that will inspire a love of all living things while fostering sound environmental practices.

My role is as a signpost and for me it is a Vocation (A Calling). I work to build a sustainable partnership with Educational Institutions, Conservation Centres, Research Institutions, NGOs, the private sector and cultural organizations; nationally, regionally and internationally and be the link for new generation conservationists for wildlife of Africa to provide them Guidance and Support in terms of technicality, know-how, guidance, training opportunities and seeking funding for your Project (I call it ‘Call of the Wild’ Action)

The KEY areas are Conservation, Research, Education and Wildlife Rescue (CREW).  Think about where you want to fit in, either on a species specific (Endangered Species), plant or animal based and/or on an ecosystem level.

It is important also that you a team player. In whatever you do, Credit goes to you and Team Wildlife Africa.  We demand Loyalty to Wildlife Africa and its ideals from all team members. We expect that you understand that Wildlife Africa holds the rights to any result thereof of your actions and must be given due acknowledgement.

We do not sign any agreement with our volunteers but if you are with us in mind, spirit and body for the Wildlife of Africa that we love, you will stand to gain from the fellowship and wisdom of other members of the team and especially of myself.  We work on mutual trust and respect. We encourage you to help promote our Work by Retweeting and Sharing all our postings on Social media on your own personal social media channels.

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